Thee Dollhouse

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Golf paradise meets flesh paradise at The Dollhouse. Just 1,000 yards down the road from the Azalea Sands Golf Club, (one of nearly 120 golf courses in Myrtle), Thee Dollhouse soothes tired muscles in no time: Slip into a hot tub, complete with champagne and some … topless company. No, you won’t be living out an Ashton Kutcher moment, not entirely, anyway -- everything is monitored here -- but if you’re married, you may just walk away with the “best marital aid,” as one of the club's managing partners David Boehm puts it.
Thee Dollhouse spans 2 levels: In addition to 2 Jacuzzis, the club includes 15 VIP rooms (both upstairs and downstairs), 20 “friction” couches (we’ll leave that one to your imagination), 2 bars, and 4 stages, complete with 5 girls at any given time. In true Southern style, entertainers make their grand entrance down a spiral staircase, but not before a once-over from house mom Laurie.
And don't expect to see any girls cracking gum or doing any butt shakes on stage. "I think that is so cheesy," says the club's guy Boehm, a 30-year industry veteran who's written the book, literally, on gentlemen's clubs hospitality.
In the summer, expect 100 girls a night. Some wow with their pole work, others with their eyes and the motto: Less really is more. Got a small group? Book a “champagne tent,” complete with black leather sofas, mirrored walls and a table with a big bottle of champagne.